public works
Planetree Spirits
Planetree Spirits, The Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
Hamilton, NJ
Hippocrates taught his young doctors under a Planetree (Sycamore). There, he emphasized compassion, patient rights, and observed that the environment was an important factor in their healing. Planetree Spirits was created to help energize this space with these qualities.
Spirits' Flight
Spirits' Flight, The Hillman Cancer Center
Pittsburgh, PA
In the Hillman Cancer Center, there was a desire to create a space that would help treat the body with the more ephemeral qualities of healing. This entailed creating an environment full of beauty with a transcendent nature and an area for meditation.
The Journey
The Journey, The Lighthouse
To meet the needs of a visually challenged population, The Journey, was created for the world headquarters of The Lighthouse, Inc. The placement and site allows the wall sculpture to aid the visually challenged in their movement through the mezzanine corridor.
Pittsburgh Haiku
Pittsburgh Haiku, Hartwell Building
Pittsburgh, PA
In this semi circular frieze, the visual history of Pittsburgh is imagined in an abstract way. The rivers are the crux of Pittsburgh, along with furnaces, barges, and tall buildings. In the Haiku, they all tumble together, around the atrium, in a playful way.
Medicine Tree
Medecine Tree, Koll Corporation
Irvine, CA
The healing power of the family and community are suggested in this large work located in a high traffic area.
Sea of the Spirit
Sea of the Spirit, Oliver Carr Corporation
Washington, DC
In a wall sculpture for the Lobby of Oliver Carr, visual medicine, and a story of grace.
Glyph of Nature
Glyph of Nature, Philadelphia Science Center
Philadelphia, PA
On the front of this science center, medicine medallions suggest the activity inside.
Middle Pillar
Middle Pillar, Davidson College
Davidson, NC
In the Kabbalah, the Middle Pillar represents the spiritual path to enlightenment.
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